Sunday, August 8, 2010

Work and Play

So this week was full of a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Last Sunday we attended a baby blessing for Adams brother Seth. It was so nice to get to sleep in. Their church didn't start until 1:00. Unlike our ward that starts at 9:00. It was a nice visit. But the weather was definitely not my favorite part of the day. YUCK! We had dinner after the blessing at a park. I was counting the minutes until I could be back in an airconditioned car. I don't know how the pioneers did lived without airconditioning. I ended up starting to feel sick while we were there and sadly, it was the start of a long week of being sick. Not quite sure if I had a virus or what. But it sure wiped me out this week. I'd get going trying to get stuff done and then end up sick again before the day was over. Sunday when we returned home our neighbors Matt and Leslie Pilcher came by and picked some apricots off of our tree. We ended up staying outside for about two hours talking with them. We also discovered a pear tree growing right next to the fence. Adam and I are going to wait until spring next year and then we'll attempt to transplant it into our backyard. While we were standing out there the kids were playing in the field behind our house. All of the sudden we noticed that our neighbors goat was off of its rope and was ramming straight towards little Adam across the field. Fortunately Leslie made it over there in time to divert the goat. Sister Perkins realized the goat was missing right about then and came and got him.

Monday thru Thursday were spent doing minor activities as I wasn't feeling well. Monday I took Alyssa and her friend Sabrina over to Deseret Peak so that they could go swimming. I had one of those mommy moments as I watched Alyssa walk away from the car. I started crying as I all of the sudden realized yet again that she is getting so much older. All this week I couldn't help but notice what a teenager she is becoming. Jared went over to our neighbors house, Kathy Elton, and mowed her lawn for her. Dallin and Gracie played with friends. Dallin played with Perkins little grandson Noah and Gracie played with Pilchers daughter Madelynn. For Family Night we decided to watch the old version of the Crucible on TV. Yes, I know..... quite a weird thing to watch for family night. But we thought it held a great lesson in it about lying and believing in gossip. We ended up having great conversations with the older ones. It was actually a great lesson for the kids.

Tuesday I took Jared and his friend Noah Chatwin over to the Pratt Aquatic Center to go swimming. Trent and I spent the day working on some of his Merit Badges for scouts. He was able to complete his Music merit badge and his Citizenship in the World Merit Badge. I called up Summerhays Music Store and managed to get my name put on their list of Music Teachers for the Tooele Valley. We had scouts Tuesday night also. For Scouts we had an Arrow of Light Ceremony for Brandon Hamilton. I stayed home because I was still sick. But it's a good thing that Adam went with Trent and Jared and Dallin because they were the only ones that attended other than Brandon and his family.

Wednesday was a cleaning day. Alyssa attended Young Womens. They had a budgeting night. I asked Alyssa how YW was. Her response was, "It was so dumb. All we did was math. They said ok you have x amount of money and you buy a sweater, now how much money do you have left. I already learned how to add and subtract and we already do family budgeting." LOL Trent had YM's. He finished up his radio merit badge.

Thursday Morning we woke up to a crazy thunder and lightening storm. All of the sudden at about 6:30 in the morning some REALLY loud thunder shook the house and Jared came running up the stairs shaking and his eyes about ready to pop out of his head. I was busting up laughing. He thought that someone had busted our door in and it had hit the ground. Gracie went and played with Madelynn and we finished up cleaning. Then Thursday night Adam, Trent and I attended a dutch oven cooking class for scout leaders. YUM! Then we attended Round Table Meeting for scouts. Due to the crazy lightening storms we'd had all week and also had Thursday night they ended up moving Round Table Meeting from the Wigwam to the Stake center.

Friday night our family went to the Salt Lake City Bees minor league baseball game for Adam's company party. We had a yummy barbeque at the stadium. The boys were having a blast catching all of the hits that went over the fence while the Bees were practicing. Then the kids rode on the little kiddie train that goes around the stadium. It was so much fun...... but the game moved much slower than the major leagues. We managed to get rained on a little bit during the game. The highlight of the night for the kids was eating cotton candy and snowcones and getting their baseballs, foreheads, Jareds Shoes, Alyssa's arm, and Little Adams shirt and Woody doll signed by the Bees mascot BUMBLE. Yes you read right. Body parts and clothing were signed. LOL We thought the mascot was asking us if he could sign their baseballs. So we kept shaking our heads yes. It wasn't until we saw the kids walking back towards us that we realized what we had said yes to. :P

Saturday morning we headed to the church to clean it again. We atleast had two other adults show up this time to clean. Then we came home and dropped off the kids and then headed over to Sorensons Towing for a meeting. I'm happy to say that we have now signed them on as our newest Client. Woo Hoo!!! I guess my car breaking down was actually a blessing in diguise. :) Then Adam and I came home at about 2:00 and started working on the sprinklers for the hundereth time. UGGHH!!!! We would fix one and then another one would get clogged. Fortunately Adam and I managed to not get too cranky over it. Jared helped us too. By about 8:30 that night and four trips to Home Depot and very wet clothes we finally finished fixing them!!!!! While we were at Home Depot we ran into Blair and Christine Hope. We found out that they had just put their house up for sale this week. So our ward is going to be without yet another family. Our ward has just been dwindling away this summer. As is our scout troop. Our cub scout troop now consists of Jared and Dallin and two other boys. But we like that each of the boys get so much individual attention at cubscouts because of it. When we came home Gracie whipped out her makeup and gave Daddy a makeover. LOL

At about three o'clock this morning I woke up so sick. I ended up in the bathroom for the next two hours in so much pain and throwing up. My whole body was shaking and yes.... I even started crying because the pain was so bad. Adam finally woke up and came in to try to help me. I'm still not feeling too good. I think that I may need to go to the Doctor this week and just make sure that everything is ok. Adam got all the kids ready for church this morning and went to church with them. Then he came home and dropped off the kids at the house and finished up his Sunday with his ward counsel meeting. Now he is resting peacefully and my timer is beeping on the oven so I guess dinner is ready. So.... until next time.

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