Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Short and sweet update.

So this will be a very short post. Dr did xrays and I do have Tendonitis in my right shoulder. So I've been put in an arm sling to try to rest the tendon. Unfortunately, it makes typing difficult. I went without the arm sling yesterday because I was tired of it. Now today I'm paying the price for doing that. So I've attached some pictures and will have to type about this last week later when I have use of my arm again. Next post will be about 16 loaves of zucchini bread, adams canceled surgery, Gracies confessions story, first day of school, Adams Bone collecting merit badge story, Girls need more space, spark plugs, door repairs, garbage disposal repairs, Elders Quorm game night, swim party, Adams dislocated toe -trip to xray - hairy armpits ;), teenagers being embarrased,and anything else I can remember from this prior week. Until then.......

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Trina said...

I am anxiously awaiting more details :)
Luv ya!