Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Short and sweet update.

So this will be a very short post. Dr did xrays and I do have Tendonitis in my right shoulder. So I've been put in an arm sling to try to rest the tendon. Unfortunately, it makes typing difficult. I went without the arm sling yesterday because I was tired of it. Now today I'm paying the price for doing that. So I've attached some pictures and will have to type about this last week later when I have use of my arm again. Next post will be about 16 loaves of zucchini bread, adams canceled surgery, Gracies confessions story, first day of school, Adams Bone collecting merit badge story, Girls need more space, spark plugs, door repairs, garbage disposal repairs, Elders Quorm game night, swim party, Adams dislocated toe -trip to xray - hairy armpits ;), teenagers being embarrased,and anything else I can remember from this prior week. Until then.......

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Put your shoulder to the Wheel

I know I just posted..... but this weekend has been SO busy that I need to post before the next week begins. Adam and I have been running around with our heads cut off. My weekend started off on Thursday cwith a trip to the dr. I ended up with a shot of cortisone in my shoulder. I was told that I had tendonitis going on in my shoulder. She said if it didn't get better in the next couple of days to come back because it could be bone spurs rubbing against the tendons. Of course, wouldn't you know it.... the pain is back. :P So next is a MRI image. Oh joy.

Thursday and Friday Alyssa and Trent had Youth Conference. I asked each of them what the most spiritual part of youth conference was. Trent said it was the temple doing baptisms and Alyssa said it was the movie about Joseph Smith at the memorial building. As for the part they thought was the most fun...... Raging Waters ofcourse was what they both said. Trent I think enjoyed it the most though. He has his first crush. LOL He hung out with her the whole time at the waterslides. But ofcourse.... when you talk to Trent about it he gets so embarrased. Hehehe.

Thursday morning I had all of the kids on my bed watching cartoons with me. All of the sudden I could smell tuna. I asked the kids if someone had gotten into the tuna. They all looked at me like I was weird and said, "We don't smell anything. We're just eating some bread." I went into the kitchen I didn't see any open cans. So I dismissed it as my nose playing tricks on me. Later that morning I walked into the other room and found my children holding a little ball of white fluff. A kitten that was probably about three weeks old. Jared looked at me and said, "Don't be mad mom. We found the kitten out in the field. We've been hiding it under Dallins bed so that we could save it to give it to you for your birthday. It's so cute mom. Look....... oh and you know how you said you smelled tuna..... it's because we were feeding the kitten tuna." I have to admit.... it was the cutest and most cuddly kitten I think I've ever seen. I told them that we'd have to think about whether to keep it or not. Adam came home and his answer was NO. I too had thought about it and I just didn't want to have to care for another cat. One is enough. So we told the kids that the next day we would need to take it to the pound. Tears began to flow. The kitten slept with Adam for the first half of the night. Yes.... you read correctly. LOL Adam was smitten with this little kitten. I was worried he'd roll on top of it though so I moved it into the girls room.

Then on Friday morning Jared went over to Kathy Eltons and mowed her lawn. When he came home he let me know that her entire basement had flooded and that she needed some help when Adam came home moving her furniture. So I told Jared that Adam and I would stop by after I picked Adam up from work. I then informed the kids that it was time to take the kitten to the pound. all of the kids were fine with it except for Jared. He was crying hysterically. But the kitten had to go. Jinx (our cat) was VERY jealous of the kitten. It just wouldn't have worked. At 12:00 I drove to the pound and then to Adams office to pick him up from work early. I took little Adam and Gracie with me. We made a stop over at the Gateway mall first to pick up a couple of shirts for Alyssa. Then we headed over to Winco to do our Grocery Shopping and then over to Kohls to pick up some new white dress shirts for Adam. We only had an hour to get our shopping done because Adam had to make it back in time for a meeting with Sorenson Towing. We managed to finish in time and then headed back to Tooele. I dropped of Adam for his meeting and then headed over to the church to unlock it for some of the families that were going to clean that night. Then I drove back and picked up Adam and then we went back to the church to clean one of the bathrooms. Then we went home and went across the street to help her get the furniture moved out of the basement. While we were there Adam recieved a phone call that Someone in our ward needed a blessing. So when we were done at Kathy's we headed over to give the blessing. We finally arrived home at about 9:00 that night. Alyssa and Trent had returned from Raging Waters. We found Alyssa in her room crying. She was feeling sick to her stomach, had chills, and was sun burned really badly. As I looked closely at her sunburn I noticed that she was burned so badly that some patches of skin were raw and oozing. I asked her if she had put sunscreen on and Trent reassured me that he saw her put it on. So Adam and I hopped back into the car again and went to Walgreens to pick up some things to help sooth her sunburn and treat and cover up the sores. We were all SOOooo tired!! We didn't get much sleep though. Little Adams infection came back in his tooth. So we were up all night with him crying. Wednesday he will have surgery to correct all of that.

Saturday morning we woke up at seven and headed back over to the church so that Adam could make sure the rest of the families showed up to clean. Only one family was unable to make it. Adam was so happy that we had help this week cleaning the church. Adam and I and the boys tackled all of the windows in the church. While we were cleaning the windows Jared came running up to us crying and shaking. We asked him what was wrong. Come to find out he had lifted the casing that covers the fire alarm. The system is set up so that when you open the casing it sets off a warning alarm to scare off children if they mess with it. It scared Jared alright! For the next hour I called around trying to find someone with a key to turn it off. Finally I got a hold of the bishop in the other ward. He came by with the key and before he went into the building he stopped by my car to talk to me. He said that he wanted to let me know what a great kid Alyssa was. That she was a incredible kid and we had done a great job with her. He had spent the last two days with our ward at youth conference. Anyway..... he went into the church and tried to shut it off. But... in the process of trying to figure out how to turn it off he managed to set off the MAIN alarm! Within two minutes seven volunteer fireman and two police cars showed up at the church. UGGHHHHH!!!! They finally turned off the alarm. By then it was about 10:00am. Adam and I went home to check on the kids. We sent Jared, Trent and Dallin back over to Kathy Eltons house to finish taking off the baseboards in her basement and then Adam and I went to leave. But we didn't get far. Brother Zimmerman stopped us and asked if we could stop by later to help him repair his basement where the missionaries had just moved out of. We said ofcourse. Then as Adam and I drove away we looked at each other both of us so tired, and we started laughing. We just couldn't believe everything that we were having to do. Adam said... well... I guess we'll get more blessings. But I would really like some time to sleep. We continued towards Wal Mart. We ran into Shirley Beagley while we were there and talked to her for a while. Then we came home and unloaded everything from the car. Then Jared came walking up coughing like a seal and wheezing. Jared said that he had already taken his inhaler four times that morning. So I knew he needed to be seen by a dr. Again Adam and I looked at each other and I said...."When we all get home..... we are going to BED for the next two days!!" Adam headed over to Brother Zimmermans and I took Jared to the dr. Come to find out Jared had bronchitis and needed two breathing treatments for his asthma. The bronchitis had hit fast. He had been completely fine the day before. He was put on his inhaler 4 times a day for the next two weeks, prednisone for the next two weeks and zithromax. So back to Wal Mart I went to pick up prescriptions and then I dropped off Jared and headed over to Zimmermans. I would have gone home but I knew that Zimmermans really needed some help. Sister Zimmerman is going in for knee replacements on both knees at the same time and Brother Zimmerman ships out to Afganistan in two weeks. By the time I got there Adam had helped him paint most of the basement. So I started on the oven and refrigerator. At 4:00 Adam and I finally went home. I fixed some dinner for the kids. Then Adam and Trina worked on the Sorenson Towing account. We didn't go to bed until about 10:30.

Sunday Morning we woke up and went to church. We both needed tooth picks to keep our eyes open. Primary sang happy birthday to me. I can't believe I'm turning 35 this week. Crazy! Then Adam and I came home and crashed in bed!!!! Thank goodness this weekend is OVER!! But it was really great despite being tired to be able to do so much service. Until next time..... Make it a great week!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

One year older :(

This week I was reminded yet again as I am every year that the kids are getting older. I took Trent to the Junior High to register him as a 7th grader. He was so excited, not nervous at all. I on the other hand am so nervous for him. We also took the other kids over to the school to find out who their new teachers are. Gracie has Ms. Catalier. We love Ms. Catalier. Dallin had her for 2nd grade. She was fantastic! Dallin has Mrs. Elton. He was very excited about that. We are really good friends with her cousin Kathy Elton. Her cousin also lives across the street from us. Jared has Mrs. Parry. He is in the same class with all of his friends so needless to say he's quite excited also. When we came home he instantly started calling all of his friends including his best friend Noah. Both Noahs mom and I informed the boys that they will not be sitting next to each other. :) Today I will be going to finish up Alyssa's registration for 8th grade. UGGGHHH!!! Next year HIGH SCHOOL!

Our funny moment for this week came from Gracie. Last night I was sitting with her on the couch cuddling in a blanket. She looked at me and said, "I love you Mom." and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then she stared at me for a moment and said, "Mom remember the babys we saw on the news with only one body and the two heads?" I said yes (cautiously waiting to see where this conversation was going :) Then she said, "Wouldn't that be great if your head and my head were on the same body. Then we could always be together and never loose each other." I laughed and said that would be quite interesting. Then she said, "what if all of our family's heads were on one body and you and Dad controlled the arms. Then you could hug all of us at the same time." LOL Such a funny little girl.

Adam went on splits this week. He visited with Andersons, Specks and Christensens. Fortunately cub scouts was canceled for this week so we were able to take a break on Tuesday night. For family night on Monday we finished up working on the backyard. Wednesday was a very nerve racking day. I came home to find our cat Jinx laying on our bed bleeding from his eye. There was blood all over his leg and face and he was shaking really badly. All of the kids were crying and I was holding back tears also. We weren't sure what had happened. He had been completely fine that morning. I rushed Jinx over to our vet Gary Gowans and they had Jinx stay there for a little bit so that they could try to figure out what was wrong. Come to find out Jinx had a thorn that they said had been embedded deep in the corner between his eye and eyelid. It was not where anyone could visibly see it. They said it has caused a massive infection right to the side of his eye and it had hit a blood vessel. They said if we hadn't brought him in when we did he would have lost his eye or the infection could have spread into his blood stream. I was so thankful to be able to bring Jinx back home to the kids. Alyssa and Gracie gave Jinx the royal treatment for the next two days. We had to put ointment in his eye 3 times a day to keep the infection from getting worse. Fortunately, Jinx was good about letting me put them in his eye.

The kids week has been full of swimming at the pratt aquatic center with their friends, working in the garden with our neighbors, Alyssa had a sleep over with Jolene Cochrane and Sabrina Luck, Jared and his friends set up a table on the street selling baseball cards :D, Trent finished up his citizenship in the world and citizenship in the Nation Merit Badges, and we watched Diary of a Whimpy Kid as a family. Brother Zimmerman also came by this week and asked if our boys could mow his lawn for him while he is gone. He is being deployed again to Afganistan at the end of this month.

Trent and Alyssa left this morning for Youth Conference. They will be doing Baptisms for the dead this morning. Then they are going over to the JS memorial building to watch the JS movie they have there. Then they are going to eat at the Lion House and then they will be going over to the Family History Center to work on their genealogy. Tomorrow they will be going to Raging Waters.

Not much more to report this week. So until next time.........