Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whistle while you work

Today has been nothing but cleaning and work. This morning our family went and cleaned the church. Unfortunately, our family was the only family that showed up. The kids were troopers though about helping us get it all finished. Afterwards we treated the kids to some big Texas doughnuts over at Maceys. Yum! Then we came home and rested a bit and then got started on our house. Its that time again. School is starting in three weeks so its time to reorganize the house again. Oh the joys of listening to all of the kids argue over who is cleaning the most. Anyway, Adam and I got to work with our businesses while the kids finished up. Yes that's right I also have a business now. Nothing fancy. Just teaching piano lessons. Ofcourse, I had to file for a business license. So I needed a company name. I came up with Muzic Makerz Studio. Today I registered with the music store in tooele, wrote up my student contracts and posted onto the internet bulletin boards. Adam also worked today on one of the construction clients we've signed on. Adams businees partner also managed to sign on another client. Sweet and Sour USA. Woo hoo!! Adam is meeting with another client next Saturday to hopefully sign another contract. Too bad the money isn't going straight to our pockets yet.... But we just need to be patient. Hopefully our hardwork will pay off soon.

Yesterday, little Adam went into the dentist for his root canals. Things didn't go well. The dentist had numbed him as much as he could and Adam could still feel it. So they are going to be completely sedating him at the hospital next week. Hopefully this sedation goes better than the last. The last hospital sedation Adam had.... He ended up being hospitalized due to breathing problems and difficulty coming out of sedation. Despite the problems with the numbing....the whole thing was quite commical. The had him drink sleepy medicine and then also hooked him up to the gas. He kept moving his hand back and forth in front of him saying, "I can see my hand". Then he told the dentist and assistant, "cool, you guys are upside down". Then out of the blue he yelled, "you know what? My mom popped me out when I was a baby and then I was cute". We were all dying laughing.

Afterwards I drove to SLC to pick up Adam from work and we went grocery shopping. Then I came home and took the kids school shopping. Managed to get 6 packbacks for 30 dollars at walgreens and most of the kids clothes bought for another 80. I scored on deals that day. Thank goodness!!!

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