Thursday, August 12, 2010

One year older :(

This week I was reminded yet again as I am every year that the kids are getting older. I took Trent to the Junior High to register him as a 7th grader. He was so excited, not nervous at all. I on the other hand am so nervous for him. We also took the other kids over to the school to find out who their new teachers are. Gracie has Ms. Catalier. We love Ms. Catalier. Dallin had her for 2nd grade. She was fantastic! Dallin has Mrs. Elton. He was very excited about that. We are really good friends with her cousin Kathy Elton. Her cousin also lives across the street from us. Jared has Mrs. Parry. He is in the same class with all of his friends so needless to say he's quite excited also. When we came home he instantly started calling all of his friends including his best friend Noah. Both Noahs mom and I informed the boys that they will not be sitting next to each other. :) Today I will be going to finish up Alyssa's registration for 8th grade. UGGGHHH!!! Next year HIGH SCHOOL!

Our funny moment for this week came from Gracie. Last night I was sitting with her on the couch cuddling in a blanket. She looked at me and said, "I love you Mom." and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then she stared at me for a moment and said, "Mom remember the babys we saw on the news with only one body and the two heads?" I said yes (cautiously waiting to see where this conversation was going :) Then she said, "Wouldn't that be great if your head and my head were on the same body. Then we could always be together and never loose each other." I laughed and said that would be quite interesting. Then she said, "what if all of our family's heads were on one body and you and Dad controlled the arms. Then you could hug all of us at the same time." LOL Such a funny little girl.

Adam went on splits this week. He visited with Andersons, Specks and Christensens. Fortunately cub scouts was canceled for this week so we were able to take a break on Tuesday night. For family night on Monday we finished up working on the backyard. Wednesday was a very nerve racking day. I came home to find our cat Jinx laying on our bed bleeding from his eye. There was blood all over his leg and face and he was shaking really badly. All of the kids were crying and I was holding back tears also. We weren't sure what had happened. He had been completely fine that morning. I rushed Jinx over to our vet Gary Gowans and they had Jinx stay there for a little bit so that they could try to figure out what was wrong. Come to find out Jinx had a thorn that they said had been embedded deep in the corner between his eye and eyelid. It was not where anyone could visibly see it. They said it has caused a massive infection right to the side of his eye and it had hit a blood vessel. They said if we hadn't brought him in when we did he would have lost his eye or the infection could have spread into his blood stream. I was so thankful to be able to bring Jinx back home to the kids. Alyssa and Gracie gave Jinx the royal treatment for the next two days. We had to put ointment in his eye 3 times a day to keep the infection from getting worse. Fortunately, Jinx was good about letting me put them in his eye.

The kids week has been full of swimming at the pratt aquatic center with their friends, working in the garden with our neighbors, Alyssa had a sleep over with Jolene Cochrane and Sabrina Luck, Jared and his friends set up a table on the street selling baseball cards :D, Trent finished up his citizenship in the world and citizenship in the Nation Merit Badges, and we watched Diary of a Whimpy Kid as a family. Brother Zimmerman also came by this week and asked if our boys could mow his lawn for him while he is gone. He is being deployed again to Afganistan at the end of this month.

Trent and Alyssa left this morning for Youth Conference. They will be doing Baptisms for the dead this morning. Then they are going over to the JS memorial building to watch the JS movie they have there. Then they are going to eat at the Lion House and then they will be going over to the Family History Center to work on their genealogy. Tomorrow they will be going to Raging Waters.

Not much more to report this week. So until next time.........

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