Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ok...... so this will be my first post on our family blog. My whole purpose for starting this is because I'm horrible at keeping a journal. Hopefully this will be a way for my posterity to know more about me and our family.

This week was a busy one. Friday the 23rd we drove out to Tremonton to visit Adam's Mom and Dad. We took the kids and Alyssa's friend Sabria Merkley to a little rodeo there in Tremonton. The kids had a blast. Trent and Alyssa rode calves in the rodeo and Dallin, Gracie and Adam rode the sheep. Alyssa ended up with a beautiful bruise on the inside of her thigh after the calf bucked her off and then step on her. But ...... she said she is excited to do it again next year. Trent lasted the longest out of our kids. He loved it. He hopped right back up after he was bucked off. Dallin didn't last long on the sheep but still had fun. He was bucked off and then jumped right up and gave the rodeo clown a high five. Gracie and Adam on the other hand weren't happy. They were crying after they were bucked off. But they must have enjoyed it despite the tears because now all they can talk about is doing it again next year. Jared also entered the watermelon eating contest. Gracie and Dallin entered the milk chugging contest.

Saturday the 24th was Pioneer Day. We headed over back to the park for breakfast and the bike parade. The highlight of the weekend was when the firetruck came and sprayed all of the kids. On our drive home from Tremonton we dropped off Jared at Cherry Hill to spend the rest of the day with his friend Dalton Morgan and his family. After we returned home we rested for about two hours and then got the kids ready for the pioneer parade that our kids were in with our primary. Adam and I also walked with the float to keep any children from falling off the float. Little Adam managed to embarrass us as we were walking in the parade and we heard him yell out from the float, "hi sexy ladies" sigh. This phase of his is no longer funny and we have had to put a stop to it. After the parade I had to take Trent to take down flags for scouts. That turned out to be quite the adventure. We didn't finish until around 9:30. I will get to that story a little later.

Sunday Adam spoke in Sacrament meeting. Monday was spent cleaning and then later that night I took the kids with me to run the track with Diane Cottrell.

Tuesday was pack meeting for cub scouts. We drove up to Ophir for it. First the boys participated in a beautiful ceremony retiring two flags. Brother Nielsen came dressed in his military uniform to assist the boys. It was so neat to watch this noisy little cub scouts treat the flag with such reverence and respect. Jared and Dallin recieved several awards also that night. Dallin recieved belt loops for Hiking, computers, physical fitness, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, bb gun, good manners and reading and writing. He also recieved pins for good manners, basketball, bb gun and reading and writing. Jared recieved his belt loops for Baseball, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, skateboarding, physical fitness, good manners and reading and writing. he also recieved pins for skateboarding and reading and writing. He also recieved webelo pins for citizen, showman, scientist and sportsman. After awards the boys took a tour of the historical sites. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating well and we all ended up rained on. We still managed to barbaque though and the boys were able to set off their bottle rockets (litter bottles) with the launcher that Adam and Dan Morgan had built together.

Yesterday I finally broke. It seems like this last month has been nothing but drama and stress of every kind. I cried for the last half of the day. I think I just needed to get it out because today I feel much better. Unforturnately, I can't say the same for our checking account. :P I managed to cost our family thousands of dollars this week. I had to take some scouts to go Rock Climbing one day and needed more gas in the car. I was worried that I wouldn't make it to the gas station to fill up so I had Jared grab the gas can from the garage and pour it in my tank. Unfortunately for me, Little Adam had put water in the gas can. We ended up with a hefty bill after the gas tank had to be removed, oxygen sensors replaced, spark plugs replaced, and gas lines cleaned out. The following week after doing flags with Trent we went to put the flags back in the storage unit. I went to get out of the car to help the boys put the flags away and forgot to put the car in park. The car rolled into another truck. Adam was NOT happy with me. I felt horrible. Two days later I ended up taking little Adam into the dentist after he had stayed up all night crying with a tooth ache. Come to find out he had an infection that had set in in one tooth and needed two root canals and three composites. The dr compared xrays from his last visit and said that it looked like a couple of his teeth had started to rot due to his sugars levels fluctuating. AGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Tomorrow they will be sedating little Adam to finish up all of his dental work.

Despite the drama...... life was great this week. A lot was accomplished.

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Jamie Dray said...

You'll have to tell them their aunt Jamie is super jealous of their rodeo experience!! I so want to be a bull rider!!!!!!

.... sheep and calves are closer to the real thing i've ever been!! lol